Technologies That Will Sweep In 2019

After months of intensive study, various technology and computer research consulting firms defined the 2019 trends. They have anticipated what will be the trends that will mark the next year in terms of information technology and technology.


Extended Artificial Intelligence

Although it has already seen the light for a while, artificial intelligence is expected to receive a boost in 2019. The goal will be to design new systems that are capable of learning by themselves, that are adaptable and changeable and that enjoy autonomy. Technology providers will seek to introduce artificial intelligence on a large scale in industries.

The Business

Where could artificial intelligence be useful? In an infinity of fields. Among them the computer, internet speed test, robotics, for business, stock market, ecosystem improvement, etc. What artificial intelligence can achieve has no limits.

Smart Apps

Work Environments

By 2019, many of the apps are expected to work with their intelligence. For this, they create an intermediate layer between the system and the people. They can transform natural or work environments uniquely.

Bank Account

Also, they allow you to do activities simultaneously without jumping from one app to another. For example, it will be probable to see the result of the lottery while reviewing your balance in the bank account

Human Activity

Of course, these technologies will be implemented not to replace people. Instead, the intention will always be to optimize human activity.

Autonomous Artifacts

Again we touch artificial intelligence, this time we talk about industrial systems, drones, autonomous vehicles. These will be permanently connected to the Internet, to allow them to interact in real time, obtaining information available on the network.

Autonomous Automobiles

In the case of Autonomous Automobiles, this technology will affect, among other things, vehicle taxes. However, those who will own this technology in 2019 will mainly be the companies that will be able to afford the costs and fees.

Autonomous Artifacts

This technology is already being used in areas such as mining and agriculture. However, for this 2019, what is presaged is the expansion of this technology to more and more markets. The idea is that autonomous artifacts can interact naturally with people and the environments where they are established.

Immersive Interfaces

In 2019, the way we interact with the world will change forever. The reason is that the technology of augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will become more common. This is a market that has not yet matured and developed at all. But next year immersive technologies will see a tremendous boost, to exploit their full potential.

The centers of video games and spherical films of 360 degrees will be possible thanks to the joint efforts of virtual reality. It will be interesting to see a movie with a 360 ° immersive experience in a cinema. For this, since it started this year, multitudes of companies worldwide are examining different scenarios were to implement these technologies.