Support Your IT Infrastructure with a Single Solution

Similar to customers and end-users, your IT infrastructure needs constant support and maintenance if it will remain effective. Unlike your user base, this technology will work ongoing for longer than the standard work hours, and whether you support Windows application servers, Linux web servers or Cisco networking hardware, you want to know that your uptime will be measured in months because your downtime gets measured in dollars.

The experts at ITS, located at 489 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101, operate their IT business using the proactive approach that maintains ongoing monitoring of your servers. We will seek out errors before they cost you thousands of extra dollars. Whenever looking at server support, you want to know that you have top-notch security.

According to a study in 2012, a Verizon Business RISK team discovered that hackers used remote tools for 88 percent of their data breaches. With the help from a reputable company like Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) of Los Angeles, your support team and customers will be protected with firewall and security measures that keep you safe.

When you go to hire an IT company, you want everything integrated into a single solution. This keeps your business focused and coordinated on what it needs to do instead of losing your focus and scattering your efforts. For further information on server support, contact your local Los Angeles IT support team.

SLA Agreement: Why You Should Look at It for Server Support


Before you agree to server support, you should look at the service level agreement (SLA) because that communicates what will be included in your services. The ultimate purpose of an SLA is that it defines the service level between you and your service provider. Looking at the SLA can yield clues about the type of services that you will incur. An SLA will look at the essentials, such as:

  • Costs
  • Roles
  • Conditions
  • Responsibilities

In addition, it will examine the steps taken in the event of a problem to see a better resolution. Along with those things, you also want to check the SLA for how often routine maintenance takes place. Because IT regularly needs upgrading to allow for expansion, you can expect that maintenance will occur on a regular basis. However, this often takes place so that your business continues to comply with the latest industry standards and upgrades. In essence, it keeps your business at its highest levels of efficiency.

Checking out the SLA, you will also discover whether the company provides you with a business recovery continuity plan. You want to choose a provider that will maintain a proactive approach to the risk of losing data. To learn more about SLA agreements, contact a business technology specialist.